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The missing link

The Alchemist Tastelab is an non-profit organisation, that links the gastronomy explored and developed inside Alhcemist to the foodculture outside the restaurants four walls.  


It uses an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to investigate the boundaries of gastronomy through the latest techniques and scientific findings. Here interns form Universities and other fields are our driving force to explore and reflect upon food, culture and people. A networking hub connecting chefs to for example researchers, producers, farmers and engineers. 

A large part of TASTElab is education, with the aim to expand food knowledge and raise awareness of food culture and diversity in coming generations. Therefore kids are in focus, when our MINITASTE visit festivals and events, create teaching material for schools or nerdy youtube-videos.

At the core of the lab lies an open source philosophy. If we all work together we will see a stronger development than if everyone only sticks to themselves. We plan to share our findings in different ways to different audiences on the lab’s platforms. Tastelab is spearheaded by gastro-physicist Louise Beck Brønnum.



Many aspects of “taste” have been explored, explained and conceptualized. In our TASTE, the word refers to an aesthetically taste. TASTE ALCHEMIST hopes to create the bridge verbalised and non-verbalised between the other “tastes”. The physiological taste, and our backpacks social and cultural Taste. Within the name of a philosophical interpretation of the word TASTE, we hope to stimulate your appetite through creating a retelling of the beauty.


Find us here:
Tastlab at ALCHEMIST
Refshalevej 173C
1432 Copenhagen

Meet the board of Taste Lab

Ole G. Mouritsen

Ole G. Mouritsen is Professor in Gastrophysics and Culinary innovation at Copenhagen University. He is a true "Taste" Master and always exploring and sharing his great knowledge about scientific subjects as head of centre in Taste for life. 

Helle Brønnum Carlsen

Helle B. Carlsen holds a ph.d in Food and Aesthetics and is lector in "Madkundskab" at Zhales gymnasie Skole. Helle teaches kids and future teachers in Food science and has thought for the subject as obligatory matter in the Danish school system.

Rasmus Munk

Rasmus Munk is the founder and head chef of restaurant Alchemist. Ever since his opening of the first Alchemist, Rasmus has dreamed of a lab where the future generation could be thought about gastronomy and be more open sourced.