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Working interdisciplinary in our test kitchen, does not only give us a different perspective on the world of food. It inspires and generates new ideas of what food can be and what food can do. With that comes a responsibility of sharing, not only for the sake of sharing, but also because we believe that someone else can learn from it, but we as well can learn even more from someone else. 

Our Projects is based on explorations and findings from our interns and many cooperations with farmers, producers, schools and institutions. MiniTaste is our believe that educating our next generation of consumers within food, is the key to generate changes in the long run, within our future food system. Our projects often gives ideas to our events, and here we hope to meet you and let you get a TASTE for exploring. 

Find us here:
Tastlab at ALCHEMIST
Refshalevej 173C
1432 Copenhagen